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The Olive Branch Volume 1 Issue 1 June 2000

Why you should "Come and Stay in P.A."

Welcome to the first issue of The Olive Branch, a monthly update on what is happening in Prince Albert in the Great Karoo.

This month we are pleased to announce that our new tourism brochure is now available.

The brochure provides information on where to stay, where to eat and what to do in the area. A local artist has created colourful, informative and entertaining maps of the town and the surrounding district to show you how much there is to see and do in Prince Albert.

We hope you will come and stay for a couple of days to enjoy all we have to offer.

Please telephone Trudy at (023) 5411 366 or e-mail: princealberttourism@intekom.co.za for a copy of the brochure. We have started sending it to Tourism Bureaux throughout the Western Cape and further afield.

Have you wondered what there might be to do in Prince Albert?

We can offer sunny days and spectacular night skies. Stroll round the village with its beautifully preserved Cape Dutch, Karoo and Victorian buildings - 19 of which are national monuments. There is ample hotel and guesthouse accommodation to suit all preferences and pockets. 

Try our local delicacies: sun-ripened fresh and dried fruit, especially figs and apricots; cheese; karoo lamb; olives and olive oil. Enjoy traditional Karoo hospitality at cosy restaurants and coffee shops.

Wander to the dairy, visit our Saturday market, our weavery, farm stalls and gift shops. Go on a guided historical walk, our "koppie stappie" trail, a tractor trail to the olive farm, visit the Swartberg Pass and the Fransie Pienaar Museum. You can visit a cheese-maker, go hiking, bird-watching or star-gazing with experts, and take scooter rides into the Karoo.

There's lots to do in our special village. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

The Sunday Times Explorers didn't want to leave Prince Albert …

for full details, including photo's of the spectacular dawn, journalists in drag and Outa Lappies visit: www.suntimes.co.za/explorer/06/06/today.asp ….

… next day: through the Swartberg Pass to Gamkaskloof ("The Hell"), visit: www.suntimes.co.za/explorer/06/07/today.asp

Issued by Prince Albert Tourism Association

PO Box 109 Prince Albert 6930 South Africa

Phone/Fax: +27 023 5411 366

e-mail: princealberttourism@intekom.co.za

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The Olive Branch Volume 1 Issue 3 August 2000

In 1762 Zacharias de Beer and his brothers Johan and Matthys established a loan farm at the foot of the Swartberg Mountains. Water from the same springs which nourished Queekvalleij still bubbles through the furrows which line the streets of Prince Albert. During July we were delighted to host the second de Beer family Reunion during which the family presented a copy of their newly published history: Die De Beer-familie - Drie Eeue in Suid-Afrika to the Fransie Pienaar Museum.

Our Museum preserves and displays the history of our district, and the scope is broad: from paleontological specimens to the building the Swartberg Pass; rare crockery to relics from our gold rush; agricultural implements and a working witblitz still. All this (and more) in an unequaled atmosphere.

Graham Ross, author of a comprehensive history of passes, poorts and roads in the Cape* recognised this exceptional ambience: "Now, I have visited quite a few museums in my researches, and I suddenly wondered what made yours feel so "special". I came to the conclusion that it was because it is alive, active, USED. So many museums are hushed, "please do not touch the exhibits" sort of places. Your office is not stuck away out of sight: your door is open, and visitors can see that active work is going on. As I "worked" with Prince Alberters at the big table, talking naturally, other visitors had space to move around us and I am sure felt at home - less like in a church! Local people continually popped in, to talk about your witblitz, or the coming tea party, or just to say "hullo". And one’s boots make a noise on the floorboards! The place is ALIVE! Congratulations - this doesn’t just happen!"

* Mountain Passes, Roads, and Transportation in the Cape

Make sure our Museum is on your list of places to visit when you come to Prince Albert. You can also enjoy a historical walk, either on your own with the excellent historical route map, or with a guide from the Museum. Discover our unique Prince Albert Gables and our numerous National Monuments. The Museum has published several books on the history and architecture of our village.

Talking of history why not plan to spend the long weekend of 23rd – 25th September in Prince Albert?

On Heritage Day we shall be holding a Picnic at Eerstewater in the Swartberg Pass

From 11.30am on Sunday 24 September we are going to make merry - just like the Prince Alberters of a century ago. We will be serving potjiekos, home-baked bread, koeksusters and coffee on the "dansbaan" – the traditional gathering place in the majestic splendour of the Swartberg Pass. Book your ticket - just R30.00 for adults and R20.00 for youngsters who eat a smaller portion.

For more details and tickets please telephone Merle or Trudy at the Tourism Bureau (023) 5411 366

Prince Albert Tourism Association

PO Box 109 Prince Albert 6930 South Africa

Phone/Fax: +27 23 5411 366

e-mail: princealberttourism@intekom.co.za

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